Welcome to Alberta Gold Buyers. Located in Edmonton, Alberta.
We pay top dollar for your Gold, Diamonds, and Platinum.
Plus we pay you a $20 to $200 Bonus, instantly!
No Appointment Necessary!

What we Buy

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    Gold Bars and coins
    Dental Gold
    Gold Caps and Crowns
    Gold Military Medals

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    Gold Jewellery

    Gold Rings and Tie Pins
    Gold Bangles and Bracelets
    Gold Chains and Necklaces
    Gold Charms and Earings
    Gold Nugget Jewellery
    Gold High School Rings

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    We will pay top dollar for your:
      - Silver Coins and Bars
      - Tableware
      - Flatware
      - Candelabras
      - Tea Sets

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    We will pay you instant cash for you diamonds:
       - 0.5ct., up to $1,200
       - 1ct., up to $4,200
       - 2ct., up to $15,000
       - 3ct., up to $20,200

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    Gold and Silver Coins

    The price of what we will pay for you gold and silver coins and bars is based on the current price of spot gold or silver.

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    Raw Gold

    We buy raw gold from Miners.

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    Brand Name Watches

    Rolex Submariner:
       - Steel, up to $3,000
       - Gold and Steel, up to $4,000
       - Gold, up to $8,000
    Rolex President:
      - All models up to $13,000
    We also buy: Cartier, Omega, Tag Huer, Patek Philippe, Vacheron and Constantin


Commonly Asked Questions

Will you give me cash immediately?

Yes, upon the sale of your gold or precious metals we will pay you on site.

Do I need an appointment to sell to you?

There is no appointment necessary, you can come see us at your connivence.

How do you determine the value of my gold or jewellery?

At Alberta Gold Buyers we have over 50 years of Experience in the Gold and Diamond Industry. We have the latest tools and equipment to make sure that you get the most accurate price for your gold.

Where are you located?

We are located at 16108 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, Alberta. We are right across the street from the Glenwood Health Centre.

Contact & Location

Our Location


16108 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tel: 780 481 0486
Email: info@albertagoldbuyers.com

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